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WELCOME AND THANKS FOR STOPPING BY. This is an on-line discussion forum called Dash Ventura Fan Club. Dash is one of the most amazing vocalists of our time. His only album, 'FOREVER TOWN' has touched thousands of hearts. His first song, "SINCE I'VE LOST YOU" was written not long before Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped in Salt Lake City. He changed the intro and sent the song to her parents as the search continued. He had no way of knowing how close to home this song would end up. He lost his own daughter at age seven to an auto accident. The devastation broke his heart although he held strong to his belief he would see her again. When you hear the last song he wrote, 'BROOKE", he sings about how he sees her with flowers in her hair as the sound of brooks go passing by. From the heart of someone who has experienced life's most painful of losses, listeners feel a sense of true depth of spirit and compassion. He is truly a musical genius, writing all his own tunes and lyrics, playing piano by ear, and singing with an unbelievable vibrancy. This is why, although he gave up on the idea of music fame, his music refuses to go away. People all over the world pass his CD to friends and neighbors, use his meaningful songs for special events and continually write to us for more of Dash's music. Some people even recognize him on the street with exclamations, "Oh, I can't believe this. You're Dash Ventura! I listen to your CD all the time. It's absolutely beautiful!"

With your help, your comments here, your blogging elsewhere, perhaps he will come out of hiding and again use his unusual gift to bless the ears of humanity. Meantime, we will continue to promote his single album, 'FOREVER TOWN'. It's truly one of the best albums you can own. As Dash will not take any money for his music, all proceeds and donations go to support www.worldwideorphanages.com
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